Learn how to Re-Live Your Dreams
Discover Dream Themes
Receive Messages from Your Nightly Visitors
Explore Challenges and Choices in Dreams
Receive Guidance from Your Dream Oracle
Use Dreams to Inspire Creativity
Be a Dream Activist  
Explore Dream Incubation and Lucid Dreaming
and more
 The 8 Step experiential course in Dream Discovery: 
 over 50 pages of tips and exercises
plus The Dream Discovery Journal
New: Plus ongoing access to our Community Dream Sharing Group
and the opportunity to join a live online Dream Circle
only $40 
Create your own Dream Circle: Invite friends to your personalized Dream Discovery course and get a discount
"I've worked with Hollye and her Dream Discovery Course for a year. I’d been a “dreamer” for most of my life, but through Hollye’s mentoring, I learned how to look at dreams in an entirely different way.  The workbook/course has greatly broadened my understanding of the dream world and given me a framework to record and interpret my dreams which has been really helpful. I used to just write my dreams down and never really knew what to do with them after that, but now I have a way to continue to see how they’re informing my life. It’s also really fun! C.S.
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The Dream Discovery Workbook
A Guided Dream Journal
Discover the wisdom of your dreams with The Dream Discovery Workbook: A Guided Dream Journal. Ignite your intuition and creativity as you navigate the dream world, a world without limits in time and space. Kick-start your dream practice and learn Dream Re-Living to discover the messages of your nightly visitors. Build a bridge between your dreaming and waking worlds to cultivate a relationship with your personal life coach – Dream Oracle – who knows the next step in your life journey. Allied with your Dream Discovery Workbook and Journal, you’ll discover the wisdom of your dreams and awaken new dreams for daily life.  About the Author: Hollye Hurst, Ph.D.
“This book is a wonderful and easy to use guide for learning how to set intentions for dreaming and for understanding the significance of dreams. I have purchased other guides like this before but this is the first one that I find myself using faithfully.”   T.M.
“This book is beautiful, inspiring, and practical. It teaches many different ways to access and interpret dreams, from basic methods (like bedtime rituals to help remember dreams) to the creative (like singing your dreams). Anyone will find plenty here to relate to, and can pick and choose. Also, the guided Journal is set up to support using dreams as a way of understanding oneself at a deeper level. It’s a valuable tool from a talented and experienced dream mentor.”     L. Meyer

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A Guided Dream Journal

Welcome, Dreamers: How to Use Your Dream Discovery Workbook and Journal
Re-Living My Dreams
Introducing My Cast of Characters
Discovering Dream Themes
Honoring Feelings
Challenges and Choices
Dream Oracle
Dream Activism
Dream Incubation and Lucid Dreaming
MY DREAM LIFE JOURNAL:  Journal Pages for Your Dreams
My Dream Discoveries 
About the Author, Dream Discovery Blog and Dream Circles

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