Hollye and Bodhi
Hollye and Bodhi
I’ve loved this work for 30 years and that love has roots in my own childhood dreams. A member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams for many decades, my original dream work mentors include Jeremy Taylor, Arnold Mindell, Gayle Delaney and Stephen Aizenstat. My masters is in counseling psychology and doctorate in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco (1995) where I also trained at The Jung Institute and other training centers. I’ve enjoyed facilitating dream groups nationwide and teaching psychology for many years at John F. Kennedy University and later at the University of North Carolina. 
Over the years so many dreamers have shared their dreams with me and each one has been a treasured source of inspiration. I hope you’ll share your dream discoveries too. Feel free to contact me about a Dream Consult, Independent Study and CEU credit opportunities. And check out my other site: HollyeHurst
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What People Are Saying…
"I love my Dream Circle. I’ve learned so much about myself & didn’t know dreams could be so fascinating & so much fun. All week I look forward to my Dream Circle friends!”   Dana, Hawaii
“I had no idea how much I would grow from your dream group. I’m much more in touch with myself and my creativity now. Thank you!”  Mario, London
“The Dream Blog is so beautiful, informational and interactive. It’s so full of choices – just awesome! Such a great way to learn about this fascinating topic!”   Jean D.
“Dream work helped me move on with my life dreams so much more than many years of previous work. Thank you so much for your kindness and insight!”   Sue, Vancouver
“I’m so impressed that a dream can offer so much clarity to better navigate the issues in my life. Thank you so much for empowering me to go inside myself to find the answers I needed.”      Matt
“I’m so grateful for our work together, especially for your expertise with dreams. I also loved the sand play work I did with you. I’m very grateful you’ve been there for me.”   Clare, Santa Cruz
“This work has really opened my eyes to how much meaning and guidance my dreams offer each night. I appreciate that you helped me uncover the dream’s meaning that rings true for me. You asked me just the right questions to help me make my life dreams become a reality.”    Chris, San Francisco
"My work with Hollye was transformational.  Her compassionate, creative, and intelligent approach helped me to establish the tools that I needed to communicate more effectively with my loved ones and quiet my anxiety around life’s large and small challenges.  I chose to work with her initially to delve into dream work for better self-understanding. The experience was priceless!"  T.M., Santa Cruz
"I worked with Hollye and her Dream Discovery Workbook for a year. I’d been a “dreamer” for most of my life, but through Hollye’s mentoring, I learned how to look at dreams in an entirely different way.  The workbook has greatly broadened my understanding of the dream world and given me a framework to record and interpret my dreams which has been really helpful. I used to just write my dreams down and never really knew what to do with them after that, but now I have a way to continue to see how they’re informing my life. It’s also really fun!" C.S.
“Our work together really laid the groundwork for the rest of my adult life. You helped me get through some seriously challenging issues helping me figure out who I was, that I was okay and I could heal. Thank you!”     
 B. Smith, Berkeley
“I feel like I’ve learned how to be a much more complete and successful human being. My new-found peace of mind and confidence is priceless. Your skillful insight has always supported me in getting to the heart of the matter and your gentle humor and unfailing compassion, insight and presence encourages me to relate genuinely and be true to myself.”  Mark J.

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